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BECx Makes Buildings Better


What is Building Enclosure Commissioning? 

It is simply a process that...

Sets goals, Checks goals, Meets goals

BECx Makes Buildings Better

What is Building Enclosure Commissioning? 

It is simply a process that…

Sets goals, Checks goals, Meets goals


Whether designing a single component of a construction project or leading the design team, we bring a wide range of experience in architectural design from pre-design through occupancy.

Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)

Our BECx services help clients achieve a high-performance, fully integrated, and constructible building enclosure by working collaboratively with the owner, design team, and construction team.

Code Consulting

Code reviews are tailored to your individual project requirements; from whole building compliance reviews, to risk reduction and mitigation techniques for hazards such as floods and hurricanes.

Facade Design and Assessment

EPICx Studio offers a complete range of facade consulting services through all phases of design and construction for new projects. For existing buildings, we perform condition assessments and forensic investigation, to evaluate the building enclosure performance, investigate failures, and develop repair recommendations.

Peer Review

Our peer review process supports the full project team—from the contractors to the client—and provides real value by contributing the experienced and unbiased perspective of a licensed architect.  The peer review process is used to validate that the building design is responding to the owner’s desired outcome.


We provide consulting services to prepare comprehensive architectural specifications for building projects.  As an integral part of the design team, we will develop a written description of the materials, products, and workmanship needed to construct your building.

We’ve Been In The Industry For Over 15 Years

EPICx Studio is a full-service architecture and building enclosure consulting firm providing sustainable and energy efficient building solutions. Through an integrated, holistic approach, we provide solutions that improve building performance, energy efficiency, and promote sustainable communities.

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EPICx defined 

our philosophy and methodology in which we approach design and construction.

Who we work with.


We provide numerous specialty and niche services to architects.  This includes building enclosure consulting and commissioning, BIM modelling and detail development, technical peer review of drawings and specifications, construction phase quality assurance observations and reporting, and code reviews.   

Building Owners

We offer a complete range of architecture and building enclosure services through all phases of design and construction.  As the architect or building enclosure commissioning authority on your projects, we utilize an owner driven process that helps produce lower overall costs and better trained O&M staff.  


We use a collaborative approach with Contractors that provides value-added service to each and every project.  Our building enclosure consulting and commissioning services range from design reviews to construction observation, helping to reduce overall costs for the Contractor. 


Whether we’re the architect-of-record on your project, or providing one of our consulting services, we understand the interrelationships and interdependencies of building systems.  By utilizing whole building design strategies, we use a collaborative team approach to meet project goals and achieve more efficient and cost-effective buildings.

Facility Managers

During the occupancy and operations phase, we review the close-out report with facility managers and educate personnel on how to properly maintain the building enclosure.  Our services also include an ongoing BECx process which is a measurement and verification plan used throughout the life of the facility, for new or existing structures.

Local Jurisdictions

EPICx Studio provides energy code compliance inspections that are required to be completed by a certified third party.  This often includes an energy code review of the bid documents, followed by inspections throughout construction.  Reports are submitted to the AHJ showing compliance with the local or State adopted energy code.

Janna Alampi

President + CEO

Janna Alampi

President + CEO


Our experience includes commercial and residential projects, located in some of the most challenging and diverse climate zones

6 Reasons

The Importance of Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)


Improved occupant comfort


Increased complexity of building enclosures


Energy performance requirements


Lower overall costs for the Owner


To increase the quality of construction


Lower overall costs for the design team and contractor

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