Quality and performance issues arising from design and construction can impact a building’s enclosure.  Infrared thermography is a nondestructive way to locate problems, verify building performance, and validate solutions.

Thermography means “writing with heat”, just like photography means “writing with light.”  Thermal cameras see heat radiated by all objects, which allows building issues to be seen by observing how heat flows through walls and surfaces.

Some of the problems that can be discovered with Infrared Thermography include:

  • Missing or damaged insulation
  • Excessive air leakage
  • Moisture damage due to leaks or condensation, especially in the walls and roofs
  • Poor HVAC distribution or performance
  • Mold growth and other health related issues

    Our team includes a Level 1 Certified Thermographer and can assist with visualizing and diagnosing building enclosure problems that are otherwise invisible to the human eye.  After the issues have been determined, we can assist with solutions so that your building can perform as intended.


    • Insulation checks for missing, damaged or non-performing insulation
    • Air leakage issues (couple this with a blower door test to enhance visibililty of air leakage locations)
    • Investigation of moisture or condensation
    • HVAC peformance (excessively hot or cold areas causing discomfort)
    • Radiant floor heating performance
    • Verification of construction details (such as locating bond beams and placement of continuous insulation)
    • Facade delamination inspections
    • Roof moisture inspections


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